Visual Tour – 5. Parking Spot – Liberty Cove House

We have a large capacity bicycle parking area inside our building. Only our tenant can access to this parking. Inside parking protect from rain and theft.

Liberty-Cove-House-bike-parking-300x224 liberty-cove-house-bike-parking-2-300x224

Before you park your bike, please fill the application form for using this bicycle parking at our concierge desk. We provide our sticker and you put this sticker on your bike. We check and make sure all bikes in our parking have stickers on them regular basis. If we find bicycle without sticker, we will move bicycle away.

liberty-cove-house-bicycle-parking-2-300x224 Liberty-Cove-House-bicycle-parking--300x224

You can access to our bicycle parking directly from out side.


Also we installed vending machines at same floor.

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