Kamakura Hase Temple lantern light Event

A unique lantern light event is held at Hase temple in Kamakura. Whole area is lighted up as artistic. Also lanterns are hand out to visitors. You are also part of this artistic light up. You can enjoy a stroll as the ‘light’. For more information, please ask Liberty Cove House concierges.

Date: August 22nd Saturday to August 28th Sunday

Time: From 18:30 until 8:00 pm (Last entry 7:30 pm)

Place: Hase-dera (Hase temple in Kamakura), Kamakura Daibutuden Kotokuin, Kousoku-ji, Gokuraku-ji (temples in Kamakura Area)

Admission fee : Depending on the location Free and up to 300 yen

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