Tourist spot 1 – walking distance from Liberty Cove House

I would like to introduce tourist spot in Yokosuka. These spots are walking distance from our serviced apartment Liberty Cove House.

1 Yokosuka Station

Yokosuka station

Yokosuka Station opened on June 16, 1889. There is no stairs at station. Most train stations in Japan have stairs. This construction made easy for freight operation long time ago. It was renovated in1940. Old rails from USA and England are used for part of beams and roof.

2. Verny Park

Verny park

It is named after a Frenchman who came to Japan in 1865. The park has French style garden and includes a small “Verny Commemorative Museum”.

3. Dobuita Street


Dobuita is one of the Yokosuka scenes that I enjoy visiting every now and then because it is completely different during the day and night. Aside from being a place for fashion and food, Dobuita transforms into a bar and club district when the sun goes down.


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