Tourist Spot 2. – Worth to check out! ” Mikasa Park”

Mikasa park is nice with a great short walking/running trail and a dancing fountain show. The park is very well designed and has many interesting things to look at. There is no admission fee for this park.

Mikasa Park Yokosuka Mikasa Park Yokosuka

Mikasa Park wouldn’t be what it is without the famous Battleship Mikasa.  Mikasa is one of the three Great Historical Warships of the World, ranking with the H.M.S. Victory of Portsmouth, U.K. and the USS Constitution of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. The ship has many interesting exhibits inside and lots of great picture opportunities. The admission fee is 500 yen for adult.

Mikasa Park Yokosuka Mikasa Park Yokosuka

It is a good walk from our facility serviced apartment, Liberty Cove House. Our concierge help to get a direction for you.

It is worth to check it out!!

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