Enoshima 5. – Iwaya Caves

Iwaya are caves on Enoshima island which have been eroded by tides for thousands of years and elevated from the sea by repeated earthquakes. The first record of Iwaya in a historical document was in 552 AD. Enoshima Iwaya Cave is made up of 2 main caves, the First Cave and the Second Cave, formed through wave erosion over the ages.

view-from-the-caves-out-to-the-sea Enoshima Iwaya Cave


The first cave is the bigger of the two, and is entered by steps that lead down to a long narrow tunnel. You’re handed a candle lantern on the way in. The entrance tunnel is lined with photos and information relating to the caves, and further back there are Buddhist statues. About two-thirds of the way in, the cave divides in two. The left branch extends 152 meters from the entrance, and contains statues of the island’s goddesses. Also you see lots statues inside a cave.

Enoshima Iwaya CaveEnoshima cave


Admission fee is 500 yen (For Adult)

For more information, please ask our Liberty Cove House Concierge.

Enoshima Iwaya CaveEnoshima Iwaya Cave

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