‘Unique items’, you can get them only in Japan

We have very unique items and they are good for presents from Japan or you just keep them for yourselves.


Eye washable water – To pour the water into the water cap and cover over your eyes, blinking a few times makes all contamination to come off. It is minty fresh!


Armpit pad – Attach this pad armpit area on your cloth. It won’t leave the mark when you are sweat. Good for summer time!


Disposal eye mask with aroma therapy – They get warm up for 10 to 15 mins when you wear this eye mask. Warm eye mask help you to reduce all fatigue and you can smell aroma.


Q-tips with individual wrap – You can take them around inside your cosmetics bag


Japanese Saran – Japanese Saran wrap is very easy to use. It is not sticking each other much and thicker.

Please ask our Liberty Cove House concierge where you can get these items!

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