Yakitori – skewered chicken

If you like to try out Japanese food – you don’t want to have any weird stuff,,, like raw octopus, organs or crunchy stuff at the end of chicken wings… I recommend Yakitori for Japanese-food-first-timers. Yakitori, grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken.

Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka

They are served at traditionally small restaurants or stands – they are called Yakitor-ya. They grill yakitori to order over charcoal. It’s marinated Teriyaki-taste sauce or salted. Yakitori-ya has variety of skewers – most popular kind for foreigner is asparagus wrapped with bacon. Some yakitori-ya do very good job. They grilled just right – crispy outside and juicy inside.

In Yokosuka, walking distance from Liberty Cove House, there are lots Yakitori place around. Our concierge will tell you where it the best to go.

Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka

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