BBQ spot in Yokosuka

Summer time! It is a BBQ season. Yokosuka has places for BBQ.

  1. Saru-shima (Monkey Island)

You can go on-line and make reservations. You can rent BBQ gears. You don’t need to bring anything with you! Nice and easy.


  1. Umikaze Park

You can rent BBQ gear. Also there is food delivery service for BBQ.


  1. Soleilu Hill

You can do BBQ with viewing Mt. Fuji. You can rent BBQ gear and buy food at the site


  1. Kurihama Hana-no-Kuni (Kurihama flower park)

There are flower trains, golf, Ashi-yu (Foot bath) and more! You need to book for BBQ. You can rent BBQ gear and buy food at the site


  1. Liberty Cove House Roof Top Garden

Our Roof Top Garden is for Liberty Cove House residence. We have 2 BBQ grills. It is located on top floor!


If you need any assistance for reservations, please contact Liberty Cove House Concierges!

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