Convenient Location – 4. Restaurant Let’s eat out! – Liberty Cove House

Once you start to browsing around our neighbor, you would realize that variety restaurants are located close by Liberty Cove House.

Liberty Cove House

If you walk toward to Daiei Mall, Japanese-Western style restaurants are lined up. Some of these restaurants deliver to Liberty Cove House.

Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka

You pass the Daiei Mall and walk toward to Yokosuka-Chuo Station, You see ‘Dobuita-Street’. It is completely different during the day and night. Various hip-hop clothing stores and original Yokosuka famous cuisine – such as Yokosuka Navy Burger and Yokosuka Navy Curry – are open during the day. Dobuita-Street transforms into a bar and club district in the night.

Dobuita restaurant  Yokosuka restaurantyokosuka restaurant

Yokosuka-Chuo station is walking distance from Liberty Cove House. Some of restaurants are familiar with – TGIF, Burger King.

yokosuka chuo 2 Yokosuka Chuo 1 Yokosuka Chuo 3

We mostly recommend you ‘ Try Japanese Food’. One of my favorite, it’s called Izakaya – Japanese Tapas Food -. Most Izakaya has pictures on the Menu and some of Izakaya around Yokosuka-Chuo Station has English Menu, too. And also our concierge always help you which one is the best to go!


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