Visual Tour – 1. Our beautiful balconies – Liberty Cove House

Our balconies are over 20 different types. Liberty Cove House is surrounded by ocean, mountain and city view.

liberty-cove-house-balcony-1-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-2-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-4-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-3-300x224

You can breeze nice sea ocean and green smell – it is a natural aroma, you enjoy every morning, day and night.

Especially beautiful sunny day, you would enjoy panoramic ocean view. The sky and the ocean are reflecting each other, they create beautiful blue color combination.

liberty-cove-house-balcony-11-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-5-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-8-300x224

Some of our balconies are big, you can enjoy gardening.

liberty-cove-house-balcony-9-300x224 liberty-cove-house-balcony-10-300x224

When you wake up, first thing coming to your sight is beautiful view. Please enjoy your morning coffee.



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