Liberty Cove House Staff 5

Name : 

Shoji Kashiwazaki


Position : 

Liberty Cove House Concierge


In the past, mostly dedicated to marketing works in foreign companies and made frequent visits to Boston, Baltimore and Amsterdam for business meetings.

 Now living in Higashitotsuka of Yokohama City where many modern facilities surrounding Railway Station, such as 2 fitness clubs, department store , supermarket and high rise apartments with many kinds of trees which have beautiful flowers in respective season.

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Used be climbing mountains and covered a lot of peaks of mountains located in Northern Island of Japan, “Hokkaido“ but after thigh born fracture several years ago, I am entirely enjoining to read Literatures of Ocean & Adventures.

Things I am into lately:

 Besides continuing the activities of “ End of Life planning” , getting engrossed in reading one of the famous literature of Ocean Adventure , “ Hornblower Series” written by English Author , Cecil Scott Forester.

Message to our customers:

 By having experiences as Concierge of Liberty Cove Hour for 1.5 years, Keeping in mind to respond to individual customers’ needs as much as possible together with daily routine works and to take every incidence & problems giving us opportunities to learn the solutions we never knew, so that we can give our customers better service.


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