Liberty House Yokosuka Staff 7

Name : 

Takashi Fuchito


Position : 

Liberty Cove House Concierge


I lived in New York from 1977 until 1981 and traveled 40 countries during this period.

Since then, for 30 years I have been visiting N.Y a few times every year.

If you like travels, I can tell you a lot of stories about abroad


Also one of my hobby is fishing, I can introduce to you some nice fishing spots.

FuchitoFuchito 2 Fuchito 3

Things I am into lately:

My hobby isheel chair riding  I need more Speed.

DSCF5802 DSCF5804

Message to our customers:

I hope you can have a pleasant stay at Liberty Cove House and if my experience helps, it would be my big pleasure.


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