Japanese Words That Don’t Exist In English

Some Japanese words can’t be translated exactly to English words or don’t exist in English. However Japanese people use these phrases for regular basis.

ITADAKIMASU – “Itadakimasu” means “I will have this.” It is used before eating any food to express appreciation and respect for life, nature, the person who prepared the food, the person who served the food, and everything else that is related to eating.

OTSUKARESAMA – “Otsukaresama” means “you’re tired.” It is used to let someone know that you recognize his/her hard work and that you are thankful for it.

SHOGANAI – The literal meaning of “Shoganai” is “it cannot be helped.” However, it is not discouraging or despairing. It means to accept that something was out of your control. It encourages people to realize that it wasn’t their fault and to move on with no regret.


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