Blowfish Dish

Fugu (blowfish) is in season from around the autumn to the spring equinox. However, winter is the best season to eat it. One reason is that many fugu dishes are served hot or in a soup. Japanese people love eating fugu in Japanese-style stew, nabe, fried, in roasted fin sake or other hot dishes and love enjoying the firm fish meat. Another reason is that fugu come closer to the Japanese coast in this season, so are easier to catch.

Fugu has a poison. Even so Japanese people still love fugu dishes. We even eat fugu in sashimi in a slightly different way from other sashimi.

Fugu meat is rich in fiber and elastic, so it’s hard to chew.That’s why the cook slices fugu thin enough that you can see the scenery through it; that way you can chew it and enjoy the texture. The cook uses a special knife to slice fugu, and carefully presents the pieces on a huge dish; a round shape is the most common way. Looking at the pattern on a china dish through thinly sliced fugu sashimi, it might feel as if you are looking at a piece of art. Japanese cooks also use a special knife technique.

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