21 things people miss after leaving Japan

The article – 21 things people miss after leaving Japan

Is it true? Do you miss these things?


  1. A set, non-weird, phrase for thanking your colleagues for their hard work
  2. Moist towels in restaurants and cafes
  3. No tipping, but getting first-class service anyway

4. Japanese (home) baths

5. A greater feeling of personal safety

6. The little money trays in shops

7. Clean, crisp money

8. Amazing independent cafes

9. The obligatory “kanpai” before drinking

10. The amazing postal service

11. Paying for stuff at the door

12. The food

13. Complimentary glasses of water everywhere

14. Everyone making a big deal of the seasons

15. “Zakka” shops

16. Toilets and bathrooms being in separate rooms

17. Decent food at the convenience store

18. Sitting under a kotatsu

19. Onigiri

20. Shoes off in the house

21. And finally… The “time to go home, kids” jingle


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