Top 3 most popular Japanese snacks for foreigners

When you go to Japanese super market stores or convenience stores, Japanese snacks may catch your eyes. Their packages are very colorful and look very delicious. They could be good for presents from Japan. Good size and not heavy. I will introduce top 3 most popular Japanese snacks.



You may recognize the name – of course. We have regular kitkat but flavors are variety – Maple syrup, Lemon cheese cake, apple vinegar, adding cookies… Even there are ‘Wasabi’ and ‘soy-sauce’ as well. Some of them are released locally.

say sauce


  1. Gyagariko (じゃがりこ)

They are potato snacks with French-fires shape. Some flavors are limited at special areas. The most popular flavor is Curry. They have also salad, cheese, pizza, basil tomato and so on. They are good to go with beer!


  1. Gummi Candy

Japanese gummi’s hardness is different depending on the company. You can taste actual flavor too. Sometime gummi includes collagen and Vitamins. They are very popular especially for ladies.



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