Fireworks in Yokosuka

Fireworks in Yokosuka on Saturday August 5th 2017!

Where : Mikasa Park & Umikaze Park, Naval Base

When : 19:15 – 19:45, Saturday August 4th

5000 fireworks will be displayed!

For more information, please ask Liberty Cove House concierges.

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Availability for Liberty Cove House

We will have available apartments from mid Aug! (Also we have some apartments open early Aug depends on the start date and length of stay)

We have variety of Renting / Stay plans which would meet your life style and budget! For more details, please e-mail us at

LCH Living 1 LCH Balcony LCH Living Room 4

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Visual Tour – 5. Parking Spot – Liberty Cove House

We have a large capacity bicycle parking area inside our building. Only our tenant can access to this parking. Inside parking protect from rain and theft.

Liberty-Cove-House-bike-parking-300x224 liberty-cove-house-bike-parking-2-300x224

Before you park your bike, please fill the application form for using this bicycle parking at our concierge desk. We provide our sticker and you put this sticker on your bike. We check and make sure all bikes in our parking have stickers on them regular basis. If we find bicycle without sticker, we will move bicycle away.

liberty-cove-house-bicycle-parking-2-300x224 Liberty-Cove-House-bicycle-parking--300x224

You can access to our bicycle parking directly from out side.


Also we installed vending machines at same floor.


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Convenient Location – 4. Restaurant Let’s eat out! – Liberty Cove House

Once you start to browsing around our neighbor, you would realize that variety restaurants are located close by Liberty Cove House.

Liberty Cove House

If you walk toward to Daiei Mall, Japanese-Western style restaurants are lined up. Some of these restaurants deliver to Liberty Cove House.

Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka Restaurant Yokosuka

You pass the Daiei Mall and walk toward to Yokosuka-Chuo Station, You see ‘Dobuita-Street’. It is completely different during the day and night. Various hip-hop clothing stores and original Yokosuka famous cuisine – such as Yokosuka Navy Burger and Yokosuka Navy Curry – are open during the day. Dobuita-Street transforms into a bar and club district in the night.

Dobuita restaurant  Yokosuka restaurantyokosuka restaurant

Yokosuka-Chuo station is walking distance from Liberty Cove House. Some of restaurants are familiar with – TGIF, Burger King.

yokosuka chuo 2 Yokosuka Chuo 1 Yokosuka Chuo 3

We mostly recommend you ‘ Try Japanese Food’. One of my favorite, it’s called Izakaya – Japanese Tapas Food -. Most Izakaya has pictures on the Menu and some of Izakaya around Yokosuka-Chuo Station has English Menu, too. And also our concierge always help you which one is the best to go!


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Convenient Location – 3. Verny Park – Liberty Cove House

Verny Park is across from Liberty Cove House. This park is a very nice and cozy place.

verny2 Verny1

It’s suitable for walking and jogging.

verny5 verny4 verny3

It’s nice breathe in some nice sea air to relax.

verny7 verny6

They have occasional events, such as fire works, rose garden festival ( over 2000 roses), night market and so on.

verny 9 verny 8

Our Concierge desk has events information.

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Convenient Location – 2. Grocery Shopping

Liberty Cove House is within 7 minutes walking distance to large shopping mall. This Aeon Mall holds big grocery super market, restaurants, movie theaters and bowling alleys. You can see how close we are!

This picture was taken from Liberty Cove House

This view from Daiei Mall. Our building is right there!

It is a three-story building. Variety of stores are inside.

Three-story building

Renting Kimono which Japanese traditional outfit

Most groceries are written by Japanese. If you buy any items from them or if you would like to get specific items, our concierges assist, translate and explain to you. It would be one of the nice experience to cook with all Japanese ingredient!


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Convenient Location – 1. Transportation – Liberty Cove House

Liberty Cove House Yokosuka location is very convenient as it located within reach of all your needs. Today, we would like to introduce how close to public transportation we are!

This picture was taken from our top roof garden

There is only one entrance gate at Yokosuka station. You just step out from Yokosuka station, Liberty Cove House is right there!


This JR train takes you to Narita airport without any transferring to other trains.Also it takes you straight to Yokohama and Tokyo.


   Local bus station and Taxi stop are located right next to Liberty Cove House.


Our concierges assist you to find the way of your destination. We also arrange a cab, which goes inside the military base for you.


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Japanese Curry

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, along with ramen noodles and sushi. Curry originated in India although it has been adapted and become popular around the world, including in England. It is said that the Japanese navy followed the example of the British fleet, where curry was originally eaten because it could be preserved for longer than ordinary stew. The Japanese soldiers brought the curry recipe back to their homes and it spread from there. There are also some other accounts, such as that Doctor Clark, famous for the saying “Boys be ambitious,” brought a curry recipe to Japan.


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Japanese Shaved Ice – Kakigori

Kakigori is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and sweetener often condensed milk.

Popular flavors include strawberry, cherry, lemon, green tea, grape, melon, blue Hawaii and sweet plum. It is similar to snow cone, but with some notable differences : It has much smoother fluffier ice consistency, much like fresh fallen snow, and a spoon is almost used to eat it. To eat Kakigori is nice way to cool down and enjoy Japanese summer.

Unknown images images-1

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Traditional Japanese Wedding

Marriage has traditionally been considered a matter between families rather than individuals, and wedding ceremonies and receptions are conducted as such under the family names.

As proof of engagement, both families and the matchmaker gather on an auspicious day to have an official ceremony, known as a yuino, in which the families exchange betrothal money and gifts. The groom’s family gives money, yuinokin, to the bride’s family, and the bride’s family gives a present to the groom’s family. Data shows that 70 percent of married couples do not have a yuino these days. Instead, most just meet at a restaurant with their families and exchange rings.

A bride who chooses a Japanese style wedding will be in a white wedding kimono, shiromuku, and have a tall, elegant, tied-up hairstyle, which will be covered with the bride’s hood. The groom traditionally wears a haori and hakama, a Japanese style kimono for men, with the family crest.

Shintoist is the most popular ceremony style in Japan. However, there are also Buddhist and Christian style weddings, while some people prefer jinzenshiki, which are nonreligious ceremonies. Depending on the type of wedding, the ceremony is conducted at a shrine, temple, church, and so on. Also, many hotels have a wedding center, which includes a ballroom where the reception can be held after a wedding ceremony.

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