Strawberry Picking Season

Strawberry picking! You can enjoy strawberry picking everyday from now until May 5th in Miura peninsula. Price is 1500 JPY for 30 mins all you can eat.

Where: Tsukuihama Kanko Nouen

How to get there: Take Keikyu line and get off at Tsukuihama Station. It is about 20 mins walk. If you need more information, please feel free to ask our concierge.



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Modern diseases in Japan: Hay fever / Pollen allergy

You may see lots Japanese people are wearing mask these days.


Research* shows that 32.2 percent of Japanese have symptoms of hay fever now. It’s an allergy which is caused by the pollen of certain plants coming into contact with the mucous membranes of human noses and eyes. It’s such a common problem in Japan that these days the weather forecasts also include a pollen dispersal forecast.

This kind of device would help…..


If you go to eye-glasses store, you may see the eye protect glasses.


This is the nose plug.


This is the medication to apply inside nose.


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The three great garden in Japan

Japanese gardens have evolved into a variety of styles, including karesansui, which are meditation gardens where white sand replaces water, and Zen gardens (Japanese rock gardens) that are used for various purposes. Garden design is an important Japanese art form that has been refined for more than a thousand years. The gardens of the emperors and nobles were designed for recreation and aesthetic pleasure, while the gardens of Buddhist temples were designed for contemplation and meditation

The following are the three major daimyo (historical rulers of Japan) gardens. Each garden is good for appreciating the beauty of snow, the moon and plum blossoms, and they are known as the three great − meaning outstanding − gardens of Japan.

Kenrokuen (Kanazwa, Ishikawa-ken)


Kenrokuen was built for the enjoyment of the daimyo in Kanazawa as a landscape garden designed for strolling in. Kenrokuen combines the six attributes of a perfect garden: a variety of ponds, streams, hills, groves, flower gardens, and several pavilions and tea houses. The winter scenery of snow-capped stone lanterns and pine trees protected by ropes is especially attractive.

Korakuen (Okayama, Okayama-ken)


Korakuen is said to be one of the best gardens in Japan in which to stroll. It was built in 1700 by Ikeda Terumasa, the daimyo of Okayama. It stands next to Okayama Castle and was used to entertain visitors and guests as well as for their own enjoyment.

Kairakuen (Mito, Ibaraki-ken)


A spacious garden famous for its plum trees, Kairakuen was built in the year 1841 by the local daimyo, Tokugawa Nariaki. Kairakuen served not only for the enjoyment of the daimyo but was also open to the public.

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Hina-Matsuri Girl’s day Event

March 3 is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls’ Festival), when people pray for the happiness and healthy growth of girls. Families with young daughters mark this day by setting up a display of dolls inside the house. They offer rice crackers and other food to the dolls.

Big Hinamatsuri events are in Kanto Area this weekend.

hyakuhinadan02 hyakuhinadan03

Meguro Gajoen (Meguro, Tokyo)


Seto Yashiki Hina-Matsuri (Ashigari, Kanagawa)

16996110_1251847218225217_7309660440872015416_n 16938965_1251847158225223_1081454582035054901_n

Katsuura Big Hina-Matsuri (Katsuura, Chiba)


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Kaiseki Ryouri – Japanses full tea ceremony

Have you tried Kaiseki Ryouri ?

Basically designated to be served at a full tea ceremony. Can be eaten at restaurants where formal, high-class Japanese cuisine is served. Made under strict rules such as the food must highlight the season, and must appeal to the eye as well as to the plate.

You can find Kaiseki Ryori restaurant in Yokohama and Tokyo area as well as Yokosuka.


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Plum Tree festival in Taura

Date: Now until  March 11th
Place: Taura Ume no Sato
Over 2700 white and pink plum trees are blooming at Taura Ume no Sato. This area is official designated as ‘One of the Best flower spot in Kanagawa’. You can see Tokyo Bay from the look out point. It is about 25 mins walk from JR Taura station. It is good for picnic!
For more details, please contact Liberty Cove House concierge!

Unknown images Unknown-1

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Sukajan Discount in Yokosuka

Japanese souvenir Jackets or more famously known as the “Sukajan” (Skajang/Skajan) It is said to have originated from Yokusuka in Kanagawa Prefecture where its name is thought to have come from – “Suka” from Yokosuka and “Jan” from the Japanese term Jumper or  jacket.

From now until March 31st, Yokosuka city has “Sukajan Discount” . If you wear Sukajan and go to affiliated store, you can get the discount. You don’t have Sukajan, then don’t worry! You can rent Sukajan for free at Yokosuka Information Center “SukaNavi”
For more information, please ask Liberty Cove House Concierge!
200-7020-all images
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Kawazu Sakura blooms in Miura Kaigan

Sakura festival is now on and it will end March 10th. The young trees which were planted in the year 2000 have grown.  And in this season of mid February, is blooming beautifully at the countryside of Miura Kaigan on the path to Komatu ga Ike Park.

The best view is usually from now until early March.

This type of Sakura is popular for its pinkness and the big flowered characteristics.

There are food and souvenir booth as well.

More information available at Liberty Cove House Concierge Desk.images Unknown

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Craft Friday at Liberty Cove House

Our Origami Craft is very popular now! We will schedule for March very soon.

Craft 3 Craft 2 Craft 1

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Liberty Cove House Staff 8

Name : 

Yoshie Motoyama


Position : 

Customer Relations Officer


  • Living in North America last 10 years.
  • 12 years in managerial positions.
  • Worked in international sales marketing dealing with North American, Asian and European companies.
  • Worked at a 5-star resort hotel in the Maldives
  • Worked for a lighting fixture company coordinating large events for clients during the Winter and Summer Olympics.


  • I was a scuba dive instructor working in the Pacific Northwest and also in Asia. Although I do not teach anymore I still enjoy recreational diving.
  • I love to read and my Kindle is always by my side.
  • I love traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures.

 Yoshie 2 YOshie 3

Things I am into lately:

My fur baby, Kimba :)


Message to our customers:

Liberty Cove House was established in November 2013 and is now in its 4th year of operation. We have been able to successfully accommodate many people throughout these years. I would like to thank all of our current and past customers for choosing Liberty Cove House. Exceeding your expectations will be my constant mission. If there is anything I or our staff can do to make your stay more comfortable please to not hesitate in asking. I will do my best to meet your needs!


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