Enoshima 5. – Iwaya Caves

Iwaya are caves on Enoshima island which have been eroded by tides for thousands of years and elevated from the sea by repeated earthquakes. The first record of Iwaya in a historical document was in 552 AD. Enoshima Iwaya Cave is made up of 2 main caves, the First Cave and the Second Cave, formed through wave erosion over the ages.

view-from-the-caves-out-to-the-sea Enoshima Iwaya Cave


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Enoshima 4. – Samuel Cocking Garden

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden is tropical plants garden. The garden was established in 1880 by British merchant Samuel Cocking (1842-1914) as the Enoshima Botanical Garden, and featured a greenhouse (660 m²) in which he collected tropical plants.

Enoshima garden Enoshima garden

It is relaxing atmosphere, some plants are designated as a protected species. Admission fee is 200 yen ( For Adult). If you go to Enoshima sea candle then admission is included.

Now they have Festival, it is called ‘Eno Fes’, you can enjoy music, art and cultures.

For more information, please ask our Liberty Cove House Concierge.

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After the big Typhoon

A big tree in Verny park fell down because of the typhoon yesterday….

DSCF5795 DSCF5797

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Enoshima 3 – Lighthouse Observation Tower

The lighthouse observation tower completed in 2003 was built for the 100th anniversary celebration of Enoshima Electric Railway, and is popular as the “Enoshima Sea Candle.”

EnEoshima sea candle

The top of the observation tower is 119.6m above sea level, you will have a great 360-degree panoramic view. You can see panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Izu Peninsula, mountains at Hakone and Tanzawa, Oshima Island, Miura Peninsula, and Yokohama Landmark Tower.

When I went there and went down on the way back to the ground, I took the stairs. It was nice breeze, even though I am acrophobia, I actually enjoyed this little ‘ exercise’!

Enoshima sea candle

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Enoshima 2 – Enoshima Shrine

Enoshima Jinjya (Jinjya is a shinto shrine, it’s a ‘place for god’ ) is in Enoshima Island. The shrine is dedicated to the worship of the Kami (god) Benten. Benten is the goddess of wealth.

Enoshima Shrine Enoshima Shrine

Now a lot of Japanese people visit ‘power-spot’ and this Enoshima Jinjya is one of the widely known for ‘power-spot’. When you visit ‘power-spot’, we believe we can get very good energy. Especially this shrine is famous for good luck with money and love.

Enoshima Shrine


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We have available apartments

We have available apartments Now!

We have a variety of Renting / Stay plans which would meet your life style and budget! For more details, please e-mail us at reservations@liberty-cove-house.com

LCH Living 1 LCH Balcony LCH Living Room 4


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Enoshima – 1

Enoshima is one famous tourist spot in Japan and it is located very close to our serviced apartment, Liberty Cove House. It is one of the best place to go for one-day trip.

Enoshima is a small island at the mouth of the Sakai River that flows into Sagami Bay. The island is approximately four kilometers, and it is linked with the opposite shore of Katase by the 600-meter-long Enoshima-ohashi Bridge.


Once you have crossed the bridge, you will see marine product shops, souvenir shops, inns, and traditional restaurants on the approach to Enoshima-jinja Shrine. It is nice sloping street.

Enoshima Enoshima

You might see big line up in f front of the store with grilled seafood smell – It might be shocking at first. They will place the fresh, raw octopus into a hot iron plate and squash them so hard that it becomes one sheet of Octopus Cracker. You can hear the sound of octopus being burnt, and the white steam burst out from the iron. You should definitely try this one because you cannot eat this anywhere else!


Direction from Liberty Cove House to Enoshima, You take train from Yokosuka station and get off Kamakura, then change the line ‘Enoshima Dentetsu’ to go to Enoshima. It is very easy.

If you need more information, our concierge will help you.

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Yokosuka Port Market

If you make a plan to spend nice time on your day-off in Yokosuka, there is nice place to visit with big appetite – Yokosuka Port Market

Yokosuka port market Yokosuka port market

This is a farmer’s market in Yokosuka that sells local foods such as fresh fish, fruits & vegetables, and meats. The restaurant inside, they use local produced foods. Also there are a bakery, a gelato store and pizza store as well.

Yokosuka port market Yokosuka port market

Some food have English translate indication. It is very welcoming atmosphere for everyone! I recommend taking a local bus there. The bus departs right in front our building!

Yokosuka port market Yokosuka port market

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Yokosuka Umikaze Park

Japanese people enjoy outside during fall season. We have a lot sunny days and nice and breeze outside. Umikaze park – translation in English is ‘Sea Breeze Park’. As the name implies, the park is located just right on Tokyo-Bay. You see very beautiful views along the seaside. The park has a large play area for kids. We see lots families enjoy BBQ and many people enjoy fishing.

Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park

Also the park contains lots facility a Mountain Bike Road, a Skateboard area, a ’3 on 3’ Basketball court, Tennis practice court and so on. Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park

For access to Umikaze park, you can take Keikyu-line and get off at Kenritsu Daigaku Station. Our concierge will provide the map for you. Umikaze Park  Sea breeze park


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Shopping Mall in Yokosuka

One popular Mall in Yokosuka would be Aeon Mall, it is just 5 mins walk from Liberty Cove House. There is another mall, too. It is called Nojima Mall. I have seen some of our tenants walk up there, it is 2.5 km – 1.6 mile. It is good walk…. Or you can take bus or train to get there.

Nojima Mall Nojima Mall

This mall consists of home appliance store, drug store, super market, clothing store and Toysrus. They sell items very reasonable price. Also they have events sometime.

Nojima Mall Nojima Mall

If you are interested in checking this mall, our Liberty Cove House concierges help you to get direction.


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