Reina era begins today

Many Japanese celebrated the start of the Reiwa Era today with their family, friends and loved ones — some with newborn babies — as Shinto shrines and popular spots across the country were crowded with visitors keen to take in the festive atmosphere.


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Sagami Big Kite Festival – The biggest kite in Japan

Big Kite Festival is held on May 4th and 5th in Sagami.

This kite is the biggest in Japan. The size it about 47.85 feet all around and the weight is 2090 lbs. This festival has started since 1830. This is a traditional event.

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For more information, please ask our Liberty Cove House Concierge.


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Yakitori – skewered chicken

If you like to try out Japanese food – you don’t want to have any weird stuff,,, like raw octopus, organs or crunchy stuff at the end of chicken wings… I recommend Yakitori for Japanese-food-first-timers. Yakitori, grilled chicken, is commonly a Japanese type of skewered chicken.

Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka

They are served at traditionally small restaurants or stands – they are called Yakitor-ya. They grill yakitori to order over charcoal. It’s marinated Teriyaki-taste sauce or salted. Yakitori-ya has variety of skewers – most popular kind for foreigner is asparagus wrapped with bacon. Some yakitori-ya do very good job. They grilled just right – crispy outside and juicy inside.

In Yokosuka, walking distance from Liberty Cove House, there are lots Yakitori place around. Our concierge will tell you where it the best to go.

Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka Yakitori Yokosuka

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Easter Weekend

Main religion in Japan is dominated by Shinto and Buddhism. Christian and other religion are still minor but it exists. Japan has been receptive western culture and events – Christmas, Valentines’ day and more!  Not so many Japanese people knew about Halloween 10 years ago. And now Halloween event is one of the biggest event for a year now!

What about Easter? It is still not known as Halloween, however some big companies in Japan start to cerebrate Easter – Tokyo Disney land, Fuji-kyu High land and some snack companies (KitKat , Buskin Robbins and more!) So maybe 10 years from now, Easter will be a big deal for Japanese people.

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Liberty Cove House available in May

We will have some apartment openings in middle of May!

We have variety of Renting / Stay plans which would meet your life style and budget! We welcome TDY, TAD and PCS, also who are looking for temporary housing until you find your permanent home in Japan. For more details, please e-mail us at

LCH Living 1 LCH Balcony LCH Living Room 4

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What is ‘Golden Week’ ?

Golden Week is a Japanese term applied to the period from April 27th to May 6th. This year some companies take 10 days holidays. The week contains four public holidays. Most Japanese people are able to take about a week-long vacation. If you are planning to travel in Japan during this trip, it will be super busy in everywhere! TV is broadcasting how busy at airport and train station. Most fares would be ‘Golden Week Price’ it goes up twice, triple or more. For some people, it is too busy and expensive traveling around, they prefer stay home and relax.

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Gourmet in Yokosuka – Yokosuka Cherry Cheese Cake

New York Style Cheese cake recipe was provided from the US Navy Yokosuka Base on 18thNovember 2009. They use cheese abundantly so as to be incomparable with Japanese general New York cheesecake and feature heavy, creamy taste and fragrant crust of graham cracker. In addition, it was done topping, and, to this cheesecake which was born by Japan-U.S. friendship, Japanese symbol “cherry tree = Cherry” became “Cherry Cheese Cake”. Following very popular “Yokosuka navy burger,” it is birth of new gourmet brand.

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Gourmet in Yokosuka – Yokosuka Kaigun Curry

Curry is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, along with ramen noodles and sushi. Curry originated in India although it has been adapted and become popular around the world, including in England. It is said that the Japanese navy followed the example of the British fleet, where curry was originally eaten because it could be preserved for longer than ordinary stew. The Japanese soldiers brought the curry recipe back to their homes and it spread from there.

Yokosuka is known as Curry Town in Japan.


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Gourmet in Yokosuka – Yokosuka Navy Burger

Recipe of naval traditional hamburger got close to in the case of U.S. base exhibitions was provided on November 19, 2008 from US Navy Yokosuka base to Yokosuka City. In Yokosuka City, they develop as new gourmet brand which named hamburger based on this recipe “Yokosuka navy burger” and sell to which visited Yokosuka now at 12 stores around the base to be able to taste anytime genuine hamburger.

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Let’s ride a Shinkansen- bullet train

The Shinkansen, a bullet train, began operations on October 1st 1964, nine days before the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics. The Tokaido Shinkansen connects three major metropolitan areas in Japan: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The first bullet train ran at 210 km per hour and attracted attention as the fastest train in the world. Along with Japan’s high-speed economic growth and Olympic boom, it embodied Japan’s hope for future business development. Now its maximum speed on scheduled journeys is 320 km per hour, the same speed as the TGV-LGV in France. There are four classes of carriage on Shinkansen: the standard carriage (which includes non-reserved and reserved seats), the green carriage, and the grand class carriage.

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