Randoseru becomes very popular bag in world-wide

Raudoseru is Japanese backpacks and used by elementary school kids to carry books and supplies while they commute to school. It is solid material, most of them are made by leather and comes variety of colors. Usually black color is for boys and red color for girls. Because it is well-made, Japanese kids are using this Randoseru for 6 years – from Grade 1 to grade 6. Average price is about 40,000 or 50,000 yen ($400 to $500 USD). It is not cheap. Some of them cost 100,000 yen ($1000 USD).


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Ameyokocho Tokyo

The one tourist site in Tokyo it’s called Ameyoko, it is a busy market street and it is worth to visit while you are in Japan. The name “Ameyoko” is a short form for “Ameya Yokocho” (candy store alley), as candies were traditionally sold there. Alternatively, “Ame” also stands for “America”, because a lot of American products used to be available there when the street was the site of a black market in the years following World War Two.

images images-1

Today, various products such as clothes, bags, cosmetics, fresh fish, dried food and spices are sold along Ameyoko. Also food from street vendors is becoming very popular for Japanese people as recognize tasty food. Opening hours and closing days depend on individual stores, but stores typically open around 10:00 and close around 19:00. Many stores remain closed on selected Wednesdays.

images-2 images-3

For more information, please ask our Liberty Cove House Concierge.

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Liberty Cove House will become available

We will have some apartments open in end of April. We are welcoming TDY and PCS or if you need temporary lodging. Please contact us!


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April is ‘starting-year’ in Japan

In Japan, April is freshly starting for the school year and also job for new graduates.

April is like September in U.S. Everybody is so excited to see new classmates, new people and new curriculum. All school’s entrance ceremonies are held at the beginning of April and this is when all schools start their academic year. I think fully bloomed cherry blossoms is the symbol for new start for Japanese people.


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Aeon is closing down on March 31st

It is very sad news, Aeon shopping mall is closing down on March 31st 2019.

They are having huge discount sale.

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Cherry blossom Verny Park in Yokosuka

Cherry blossom trees start blooming at Verny Park :)

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Beautiful Japanese Words That Don’t Exist In English

Some Japanese words can’t be translated exactly to English words or don’t exist in English. However Japanese people use these phrases for regular basis.

ITADAKIMASU – “Itadakimasu” means “I will have this.” It is used before eating any food to express appreciation and respect for life, nature, the person who prepared the food, the person who served the food, and everything else that is related to eating.

OTSUKARESAMA – “Otsukaresama” means “you’re tired.” It is used to let someone know that you recognize his/her hard work and that you are thankful for it.

SHOGANAI – The literal meaning of “Shoganai” is “it cannot be helped.” However, it is not discouraging or despairing. It means to accept that something was out of your control. It encourages people to realize that it wasn’t their fault and to move on with no regret.


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Today is Vernal Equinox Day

Today is Vernal Equinox Day in Japan and it is national holiday.

The day when the sun reaches the vernal equinox, and the length of day and night is equal. Vernal Equinox Day also fall on the main day of a seven-day Buddhist memorial service called Higan, and many Japanese people visit their family graves on those days.

Unknown images

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Top 10 most popular spring vacation destinations in Japan

Finally we enjoy the balmy weather in Yokosuka and it is the best season for the travel. I introduce top 10 most popular destinations in Japan – for this spring season 2018. The following destinations are chosen by Japanese travel agencies.

#1 Okinawa Main island – Okinawa

images images-1

#2 Yaeyama, Miyako island– Okinawa

 images Unknown

#3 Hokkaido

 690099f7508f433eae54164120f8120c article_art001864_2

#4 Shimane and Hiroshima area

main_image Unknown-1

#5 Kyushu Island


#6 Nagoya – Aichi

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#7 Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe

04_shinsekai kyotokankou20160824g

#8 Kanazawa – Ishikawa

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#9 Hakone – Kanagawa

hakone_top2 Unknown

#10 Shikoku Island

669842db44e3bfccbdd2d5ba65f26973_s_mini photo06


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Cherry Blossom Calendar

It is Cherry-Blossom season in Japan. This calendar released on March 14th 2019.


The 2019 cherry blossom (Sakura) season is expected to be a little earlier.


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