Autumun is the best season for art

Autumun is the best season for art – this is Japanese common saying.

Let’s enjoy Japanese poetry – Haiku


Haiku is Japanese poetry comprising 17 syllables (five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last). Basically it has to contain at least one kigo, a word that expresses a season. Matsuo Basho is famous for developing an early form of haiku in the Edo period, while Masaoka Shiki perfected and established the style in the Meiji period. The following are some famous examples of haiku poetry for the autumn season.

Eat a persimmon And the bell will toll  At Horyuji. – Masaoka Shiki

Deep autumn How does my neighbor live I wonder? – Matsuo Basho


Kigo is a word or phrase associated with a particular season that is used in Japanese poetry. The words “persimmon,” “deep autumn” and “morning glory” incuded in the above three pieces of poetry are kigo for atumn. You have to have kigo in a haiku to provide the sense of season that is such an important element of haiku.


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Tourist Spot 3. – It is a great place for a day trip!

From our serviced apartment Liberty Cove House, this place is good for a day trip. This is Sarushima Island.

.Sarushima monkey island

Sarushima (“Monkey Island”) is the only natural island in Tokyo Bay and is a wonderful place for a day trip. It is located less than 2 km off the coast of Yokosuka, and can be reached by a 15 minute ferry ride from Mikasa Pier (next to Mikasa Park) that goes back and forth once an hour. (Round trip 1,300yen for adult) sarushima monkey island

This island is full of historical and cultural significance. You can trace the lifestyle of Jomon period ( 12,000BC to 14,500BC) and Yayoi period ( 300 BC to 400 AC). There is also French Brick-lined tunnels from Meiji Period (1868 to 1912). Walking in this Island is very nice trekking and suitable children. There is nice BBQ deck and table. Sarushima monkey island Sarushima monkey island Sarushima monkey island

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Tourist Spot 2. – Worth to check out! ” Mikasa Park”

Mikasa park is nice with a great short walking/running trail and a dancing fountain show. The park is very well designed and has many interesting things to look at. There is no admission fee for this park.

Mikasa Park Yokosuka Mikasa Park Yokosuka

Mikasa Park wouldn’t be what it is without the famous Battleship Mikasa.  Mikasa is one of the three Great Historical Warships of the World, ranking with the H.M.S. Victory of Portsmouth, U.K. and the USS Constitution of Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. The ship has many interesting exhibits inside and lots of great picture opportunities. The admission fee is 500 yen for adult.

Mikasa Park Yokosuka Mikasa Park Yokosuka

It is a good walk from our facility serviced apartment, Liberty Cove House. Our concierge help to get a direction for you.

It is worth to check it out!!


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Tourist spot 1 – walking distance from Liberty Cove House

I would like to introduce tourist spot in Yokosuka. These spots are walking distance from our serviced apartment Liberty Cove House.

1 Yokosuka Station

Yokosuka station

Yokosuka Station opened on June 16, 1889. There is no stairs at station. Most train stations in Japan have stairs. This construction made easy for freight operation long time ago. It was renovated in1940. Old rails from USA and England are used for part of beams and roof.

2. Verny Park

Verny park

It is named after a Frenchman who came to Japan in 1865. The park has French style garden and includes a small “Verny Commemorative Museum”.

3. Dobuita Street


Dobuita is one of the Yokosuka scenes that I enjoy visiting every now and then because it is completely different during the day and night. Aside from being a place for fashion and food, Dobuita transforms into a bar and club district when the sun goes down.

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The viewing of autumn leaves

The viewing of autumn leaves has been a popular activity in Japan for centuries and today draws large numbers of travelers to famous viewing spots both in the mountains and in the cities.

Unknown-1 images

Autumn leaves can be enjoyed in various ways. During the early phase of the season, the colors are mostly found in the mountains where entire slopes turn orange, yellow and red, and provide some of the most amazing seasonal sceneries. Hiking is the most rewarding way to see the colorful leaves in the mountains, but many spots can also be conveniently reached by train, bus or ropeway.

In the second phase of the autumn leaf season, the colors descend into Japan’s cities where they can be viewed in parks and gardens.


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Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade – October 15th Sunday

Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade is coming up this weekend. All Mikoshi of Yokosuka and Miura gather at Yokosukachuo Station, and they parade all the way to Yokosuka US Navy Base.

When: Oct. 15 (Sun.) starting at 10:30 am

Where: The parade will start at Yokosuka Chuo Station , proceed down Blue Street, pass through Womble Gate, and end up on the U.S. Naval Base .

For more details, please ask Liberty Cove House Concierge.

Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade

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National Holiday in Japan

It’s sport day in Japan. This national holiday was established in 1966 as a day on which to enjoy sports and cultivate a healthy mind and body. Originally held on October 10 to commemorate the anniversary of the opening ceremony of the 1964 Tokyo Olmpics, in 2000 it was changed to the second Monday of October in accordance with the Happy Monday System.

Japan U.S.

Do you know how many national holidays in 2016 in U.S. and Japan. Here is the result. U.S. Federal Government national holidays is 11 days and Japanese National holidays is 16 days.

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Fireworks at Fujisawa Katase Kaigan West Beach

Fireworks will be held at Fujisawa Katase Kaigan on Saturday October 21st.

It starts at 6 pm and ends at 6:45 pm. It set off 3,000 fireworks. You don’t want to miss extra large fire works it’s called Shaku-Ball. It will bloom in the sky – the size of Shak ball in the sky is about 480 m in diameter big. To access this beach, please ask Liberty Cove House concierges.

Unknown Unknown-1


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Cosmos Festival in Kurihama

It is the nicest season in Japan, it is time to go out! Cosmos festival is in Kurihama flower park until October 29th. They have an archery, an air-rifle and mini golf site, also you can enjoy herb park and foot bath.

Please ask Liberty Cove House concierge for more details!images Unknown


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Enoshima 6 – Enoshima Aquarium

There is another facility in Enoshima area. It is Enoshima Aquarium. Their attractions include a school of 8,000 spotted sardines, jelly fish, deep-sea fish, sea lion and dolphin shows and more than 20,000 marine creatures.

Enoshima Aquarium

They have 12 sections which are ‘Deep sea’, ‘ Pacific Ocean’ ‘ Local Bay zone’ and so on. Also until December 31st 2016, they open ‘Night Aquarium’. You can enjoy fantastic scenery. Admission fee is 2,100 yen (For Adult). For more information, please ask our Liberty Cove House Concierge.

Enoshima Aquarium Enoshima Aquarium


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