Liberty Cove Staff 8

Name : 

Yoshie Motoyama


Position : 

Customer Relations Officer


  • Living in North America over 10 years.
  • 12 years in managerial positions.
  • Worked in international sales marketing dealing with North American, Asian and European companies.
  • Worked at a 5-star resort hotel in the Maldives
  • Worked for a lighting fixture company coordinating large events for clients during the Winter and Summer Olympics.


  • I was a scuba dive instructor working in the Pacific Northwest and also in Asia. Although I do not teach anymore I still enjoy recreational diving.
  • I love to watch movies – especially documentary films
  • I love walking with my son


Things I am into lately:

I got an instant pot and a ukulele for Christmas and both have occupied some of my free time. I love learning new recipes to make for my family and I am teaching myself how to play a new instrument. I hope that one day my son and I can play and sing together.


Message to our customers:

Liberty Cove House was established in November 2013 and is now in its 6th year of operation. We have been able to successfully accommodate many people throughout these years. I would like to thank all of our current and past customers for choosing Liberty Cove House. Exceeding your expectations will be my constant mission. If there is anything I or our staff can do to make your stay more comfortable please to not hesitate in asking. I will do my best to meet your needs!

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